Rory Gallagher, Ireland’s Greatest Musician Is Honored With a Museum Exhibit and a 50th Anniversary Release

Rory Gallagher 50th Anniversary Box Set

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Release: “Rory Gallagher, 50th Anniversary Box Set

Release Date: September 3, 2021

Legendary blues rock guitarist Rory Gallagher was recently voted Ireland’s Greatest Music Artist by the listeners of Dublin’s national independent radio station, Newstalk. Rory was at the top and beat U2, Thin Lizzy, Van Morrison and Christy Moore. You can check out the article here: Rory Gallagher is still credited for playing one of the best sets ever at the very first Reading Festival in the summer of 1971.

Rory Gallagher by Barrie Wentzell

On Thursday August 26thThe Museum of Reading launched the major exhibition “The 1971 Reading Festival: For the First Time.” The exhibition takes its title from Rory Gallagher’s 1971 song, For the Last Time.Curated by rock photographer Jill Furmanovsky, the exhibition documents the very first Reading Festival through rare and unseen photographs, posters, ephemera, and rock memorabilia, celebrating 50 years of The Reading Festival. ‘“Through the generous support of the Rory Gallagher Estate, various items from Rory’s archive will be presented for the first time in a UK public museum, including Rory’s 1966 Fender Telecaster, his Vox AC30 amplifier and other items that Rory played at the festival 50 years ago.” For more information about the exhibition, please visit the official Reading Festival exhibition website.

Rory Gallagher 50th Anniverary Box Set

Almost simultaneously and coordinated with the opening of the Museum exhibition the 50th Anniversary Box Set of Rory Gallagher‘s classic 1971 debut solo album “Rory Gallagher” was released. This set totals 5 discs and also includes a brand-new mix of the original album, 30 previously unreleased outtakes and alternate takes, a six-song 1971 BBC Radio John Peel Sunday Concert, plus four 1971 BBC Radio Sounds of the Seventies session tracks, all mastered at Abbey Road Studios. Also included, a previously unreleased 50-minute DVD of Rory‘s first-ever solo concert which was filmed in Paris, for the “Pop Deux” TV show. You can order this set HERE. If you want to see the Band of Friends performing a short set of Gallagher’s songs from the Box Set, you can view that HERE.





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