North Carolina rockers The L.A. Maybe capture ‘classic rock’ sound in debut album ‘Dirty Damn Tricks’

The L.A. Maybe
DIrty Damn Tricks by The L.A. Maybe

Review: Cuts from The L.A. Maybe’s album Dirty Damn Tricks

Carolinas based heavy rock band THE LA MAYBE–fronted by lead singer Alvi Robinson, made famous when he was nearly selected to front the legendary band AC/DC in 2016–have released the official music video for “When I’m Gone,” off of their debut album, Dirty Damn Tricks.

“In 2015 a close friend of the band committed suicide. While we can’t ever fully erase the pain of such an event, we wrote “When I’m Gone” as a form of therapy and to hopefully inspire others with a message of hope.

This video is our most ambitious effort yet. Filmed over two months, across 5 beautiful locations around the Southeastern United States…we shot through pouring rain, searing heat, and breathtaking scenery.

ROCK AT NIGHT SAYS:  We listened to six-piece band The L.A. Maybe’s song “When I’m Gone”, which really captures the sound of the classic Southern Rock ballad. Robinson’s voice soars, guitar solos scream, and a touch of piano keys create the full sound in the vein of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

We were so intrigued by “When I’m Gone” that Rock At Night listened to “Mr. Danger” and “She’s Reckless”, which have collectively earned almost 60K listens on Spotify. Robinson’s voice definitely captures the essence of Bon Scott in both songs, which is truly remarkable.

We find it exciting to see the “New Classic Rock” bands in the Millennium capturing the gritty and full sound of rock ‘n’ roll of the 70s. It would be great to see The L.A. Maybe tour with Blackberry Smoke or another “New Classic Rock” band. We’re keeping them on our radar.



Track List:
1. Mr. Danger
2. Sucker Punch
3. Oh Sugar
4. She’s Reckless
5. Peace of Mind
6. 6. When I’m Gone
7. Take Me Away
8. Sweet
9. Fake
10. Up Next To You