LJR Releases His New Single ‘Need a Little Lovin,” a Pop-Rock Love Song


By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release: “Need a Little Lovin‘”

Release Date: August 6, 2021

Luke Justin Roberts or LJR

LJR hits it out of the park again with this latest single, a feel good pop/rock anthem AND love song with beautiful harmonies and great guitar played by LJR’s brother, Daniel John Roberts. Adding to the vocals is a guest on this track, Gurpreet Sarin, an American Idol alum. This song is all about a love relationship!

“‘Need a Little Lovin‘” is about desperately needing love from someone in order to feel okay, not knowing what to do when you get healthy love, and pushing it away, and repeating the pattern,” LJR explains. “It features my close friend and college roommate Gurpreet Sarin (American Idol) who plays tabla and sings North Indian classical style on this track, and my brother Daniel John Roberts with a ripping rock guitar solo.”

Rock at Night says: “This song, expertly engineered and written was performed with all of these lovely layers, beautiful harmonies and the expert guitar work that makes it all stand out. This track is very pop-rock, similar to The 1975. The cross cultural vocals also reminded me of Peter Gabriel‘s hit song “In Your Eyes” from his album “So” that also had a guest vocal part sung by Senegalese artist, Youssou N’Dour. Gurpreet’s vocals add an ethereal element to the close of the song. Just beautiful and the song made me smile!”

Need a Little Lovin’” is the third released track from LJR’s long-awaited and upcoming debut album that will be released soon. The album is titled “When the Sky Begins to Fall” and it is a collection of songs that highlight the artist’s journey through his life over the past ten years. Get ready to hear lots more from LJR!





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