Irish Rockers Greyface Featuring Tadhg Release Dark ‘Dead Men (Don’t Walk in Circles)’


By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release: “Dead Men (Don’t Walk in Circles)

Release Date: July 16, 2021

Known for their live performances, this band is creating a lot of waves throughout the music industry in Europe right now. The band first launched their music at Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany in 2019. Their first single for the upcoming EP was “Underground Star” and it dropped on June 4, 2021. Determined to create their unique sound using a blend of many different genres, their aim is to remain consistent while blurring the dividing lines and breaking out of any kind of restrictive box. The music is made up of synths, classical pieces, ballads, heavy metal and indie rock. So expect to hear it all, perhaps in one song!

“Dead Men (Don’t Walk in Circles)”

Speaking of the new single, “Dead Men (Don’t Walk in Circles)” the band comments: “’Dead Men…’ is our third single and features ‘Tadhg’ on piano accompaniment. It serves as a defining rock-opera moment within our upcoming EP, backed full-force by distorted guitars, and expressive rhythms and riffs. The track swells providing orchestral backing to match intimate piano-lines, and whispered vocals, which gradually develop the song into a power-ballad.

Greyface is: GREYFACE consists of the following four members:
Shaye – Vocals, Icarus – Guitar, Evra – Bass and Éalú – Drums

On the overall sound of ‘GREYFACE’ they stated: “The true essence of the group is to experiment and flirt with different musical ideas as one consistent unit.”

Rock at Night says:This song begins like a simple funeral dirge, dark and melancholic and then turns into a beautiful and dark orchestral piece complete with violins and piano. This tune is classically-themed with a complete blending of genres. Shaye’s voice goes from bright and clear to raspy and bluesy and then to full out rock mode. The song ends with a melodic piece on the piano, slowing the tempo back down again and very effectively. Stunning, emotive and dramatic! We loved it!





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