Icon Singer-Songwriter Dion Releases a New Single With Boz Scaggs and Joe and Mike Menza

Dion. Photo by David Godlis

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release: “I’ve Got To Get To You” by Keep the Blues Alive Records

Release Date: August 18, 2021

Dion. Photo by Steve Celi.

New York City’s Dion has been a staple on the rock and blues circuit since 1958 with his first band, Dion and the Belmonts–so that means he has been in the business for over sixty years, quite an accomplishment! And he has played with just about everyone on the music scene that matters. No info on an upcoming album yet, but we know it is on the way!

I’ve Got To Get To You” was composed by Dion with his long-time collaborator and fellow songwriter, Mike Aquilina. Dion says, “I tried to get every form of transportation imaginable in this one,” and as you can see with the various clips throughout the video, quite imaginative.

He also notes about his long-time friend, “Boz Scaggs is one of my wife Susan’s favorite singers, and I’m right there with her. For decades I’ve wanted to record a song with this guy. There’s no mistaking his voice for anyone else’s — and here it is, as pure and clear as ever on ‘I’ve Got To Get To You.’”

I was inspired to write this song after a conversation with Roy Orbison more than fifty years ago. Now that Boz has sung on it, it’s finally done. It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Boz Scaggs commented about his friend, “Dion is one of my favorite singers. With a single phrase he can open up a wide range of musical experiences. His early rock foundation and doo-wop sets me free. His style — in words and music — is timeless and beautiful to me.” Boz went on to call ‘I’ve Got To Get To You’ “a fun track… rockin’ guitars and Dion’s lyrics are wild. Our voices are a natural blend.”

Dion adds, “To make music with friends, and make friends through music: I can’t imagine a better life than this.”

About the single, Rock at Night says: “This is a rocky, blues tune punctuated by the cool lead guitar parts played by the father-son team of Joe and Mike Menza. The video was interspersed with clips of all kinds of transportation, obviously a clever concept Dion was thinking about for a long time for this song. The beautiful blend of Dion and Boz’s vocals blended together so well. The song and video are fun, uplifting and awesome rock and roll!

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