Denver’s Milquetoast & Co Release a Jazzy New Single ‘Mindful Maze’

Milquetoast & Co

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

New Single Release: “Mindful Maze

Release Date: August 13, 2021

Milquetoast & Co
Milquetoast & Co

I don’t know how to put this song into a category, it is kind of jazz with underlying rock and blues, roots and Americana. How intriguing! Kind of dirgy and dark in some spots but I like it. The band is very popular in Poland for some reason!

This band knows how to successfully blend several genres into their unique music. This band was originally based in Boston and split up in 2010 because life took over for all of the members. The band reformed again in Denver in 2019-2020.

The band and their style of music are considered alternative but certainly hard to put into a box. James McAndrew is the nucleus of the band and after living in his car for a while…and later being encouraged by his wife to continue his music, he decided to drive to Denver and see what he could cook up. The result is the current line up of the band, new music and a tour.

About the single, Rock at Night says: “The musicianship of this band is unreal. Loved the cymbals and horns opening the song. Think Postmodern Jukebox meets Americana, meets old time Jazz and Swing and then straight up rock and roll! Their layered sound has several different hooks going on at one time! Really loved this single and want to hear more from this band.”

The band has begun their tour already and is making appearances in Texas, Massachusetts, New York and Colorado to name a few cities. To keep up with the band and for the rest of their autumn tour dates, click HERE. Check out their music on streaming platforms everywhere!






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