Phoenix rock band Viper Club release video for “Red Pen”–and we love the song!

Viper Club

Rock At Night Says: A new video for the song “Red Pen” was released by Phoenix foursome Viper Club Really on July 28, 2021. Formed in 2019, this band is unabashedly entrenched in film noir by the likes of Quentin Tarantino–and their past videos for songs (“Beatrix”) favor his style. The bands new single/video for “Red Pen” shows the band performing the song with an aggressive rock and almost punk style. Glimpses of a janitor doing bathroom and kitchen tasks are spliced in-between. “Red Pen” is catchy, high energy, and will appeal to fans of The Struts or Cage of Elephant–people who like real rock and real lyrics that hearken the 80s. Viper Club is the “band to watch” and Rock At Night definitely has them on our radar.

Official Video for Red Pen Music by Viper Club Written by:Jack Vanderpol, Nate Vanderpol, Carl Gumpert & Gianni Jinx

The Band: Jack VanDerPol (vocals); Nate VanDerPol (drums); Carl Gumpert (bass); Gianni Jinx (guitar).




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