Irish Musicians David Long and Shane O’Neill Collaborate on the EP ‘Far From Home’

David Long and Shane O' Neill

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

EP Release: “Far From Home” by Country Pylon Recordings

Release Date: July 16, 2021

David Long and Shane O’Neill from the 80’s bands Into Paradise and Blue in Heaven respectively are dropping a 3-track EP that is a teaser for a full length studio recording titled “Moll & Zeis” that is scheduled for release in September 2021. Lifelong friends since they were children, collaborating and working well comes easy for them now, even though they broke a TV when they were young while trying to decide what to watch!

Far From Home

The title track “Far From Home” is accompanied by b-side “Shake Me, I’m Magic” and bonus track “Hand of Love,” a cover of a song by Adrian Borland‘s The Sound. This EP was recorded remotely during the lockdown.

We wanted to make an album that could and should be listened to all the way through. It was an equal collaboration, Shane and myself have known each other so long that there was never a problem editing each other if something didn’t fit with the song. We had no time restrictions, or release dates to go by, so we took our time with this album and thought about every aspect of it, song titles, running order, album cover, album name, and what songs to leave on and leave off. The instrumentals are very important to the album’s story,” says Dave Long.

We were always the kind of musicians who couldn’t play other people’s songs properly, barely able to play some of our own songs. We’ve always loved music but didn’t always get some of the community surrounding it. I was trying to use my memories of working with Hannett to help create atmospherics and space behind the guitars and drums, (he used to stop the tape and joke it was mixed if the echo was interesting). Dave wanted an early style of guitar I used to play, less bar chords, more angular ringing notes,” says Shane O’Neill.

Rock at Night says: “Far From Home‘s” video for the title track is creative, very dreamy and trance-like with old footage of farms and pastoral scenes interspersed with older film clips from the Middle East, mysterious ceremonies, a woman in a crypt with a body and more. The three tracks on this recording have a very 80’s feel and vibe, think New Order. The third track, the cover song is more folky sounding. Great collaboration between these two stand out artists! Waiting for the new album!

Track List

Far From Home

Shake Me, I’m Magic

Hand of Love (The Sound Cover)

As of July 16, the “Far From Home” EP will be available across online platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. The LP, “Moll and Zeis” will be released as a digital recording.






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