Psychobilly Icons THE METEORS Release Part 2 Of Their Double Album, THE CURSE OF BLOOD N BONES!  

The Meteors

Meteors fans all over the world have been going wild over the band’s newest studio album, Skull N Bones, the rollicking first half of a double album the group has planned for this year. And now The Meteors are set to unleash the smoking hot second half, The Curse Of Blood N Bones! Founding vocalist/guitarist P. Paul Fenech continues to showcase both his impressive writing skills with new original songs such as the killer “Queen Of Zorch,” recently featured in the soundtrack of the post-apocalyptic thriller Scavenger, “Haunted,” and “Little Hellcat” as well as superb cover versions of classics “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky,” Kipy Tyler’s 1957 favorite “She’s My Witch” and a brilliant version of the hilarious “Guilty As Charged” song from the Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story!

The Curse Of Blood N Bones will be available as a limited edition red vinyl as well as on digital music platforms everywhere starting July 9!

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1. All I Do
2. The Queen Of Zorch
3. All I Can Do Is Cry
4. Creature
5. Haunted
6. She’s My Witch
7. Daughters Of The Deep
8. Alligator Man 2020
9. Guilty As Charged (Sense Of Humor Mix)
10. You Used To Be (The Usual Suspects)
11. Little Hellcat
12. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky