Psych rock band Starcoast begin tour and release new single ‘Scroll’ in July


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As the world shut down, it seemed to lock itself online in search of something… growing increasingly-disjointed through a pixelated lens. In psychedelic-rock band Starcoast’s latest single, “Scroll,” they snap the world out of its techno-slumber and into the reality of how removed it all is. After calling off a second UK tour in 2020, the track was born from isolation as the band longed to be back onstage… Next stop: “Scroll” will kick off Starcoast’s West Coast Tour July 9th, 2021, inviting listeners to come back to a place of true connection.

The band’s moniker “Starcoast” was inspired by a meteor shower experienced during a late-night beach walk in their hometown of Virginia Beach, VA, and a subsequent desire to create songs that embody similar larger-than-life experiences. From touring the U.K. to directing their own TV show, the band enjoys a wide variety of activities and devises content for a vastly diverse array of fans. With the heart intent of providing their audience a space in time where they can release their worries, the band’s musical mission is to impart an optimistic afterglow and “spread love, positive vibes, and expansive soundscapes” to their fans, both new and old. 

With their upcoming West Coast Tour and “Scroll” release, Starcoast wants listeners to be a positive part of each other’s lives. As Thomas adds, “It’s time to step out & into the collective.” 

Rock At Night says: Starcoast’s new song “Scroll” carries melodic vocals with a peppy beat–almost like 90s alt rockers (e.g., Oasis) or perhaps 60s Brit pop. There’s definitely a touch of nostalgia, which bands seem to be clinging to more lately.  Did COVID perhaps make bands like Starcoast look into the past? Whatever it is, we like what we are hearing!

Check out another Starcoast song:

Tom Hunter (guitar/vocals), Jim Hunter (bass/harmonies), and drummer David Johns


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