PREMIERE! UK band The Speed of Sound’s single ‘The Melancholy Rose’

The Speed of Sound-L-R-Ann-Marie-Crowley, John Armstrong, Kevin Roache, John Broadhurst. Photo by Shay Rowan.

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

PREMIERE of single/video of The Speed of Sound’s “The Melancholy Rose” – Worldwide release date-June 4, 2021 via Big Stir Records

Manchester underground band The Speed of Sound is in their fourth decade–and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. In fact, this band has been especially prolific the last year. The band will release two singles called “Replicant” and “The Melancholy Rose” worldwide on June 4th. Today, Rock At Night is premiering “The Melancholy Rose”.

Rock At Night says: “The Melancholy Rose” is a lot different from The Speed of Sound’s usual sociopolitical songs. It has the  feel of 60s psychedelic rock and dream pop.  Could The Speed of Sound be feeling optimistic these days?  The video features Armstrong strumming his Gretsch guitar, muted colors, and visuals of lilacs and a red rose, of course.  Armstrong’s lyrics create poetic visuals of springtime as the “a burst of colour with a heady aroma/ahead of its time not a natural loner.”  As always, Anne-Marie Crowley adds a depth of harmony to Armstrong’s vocals, creating an airy feel to the song. A blackbird sings (literally) which seals the whole feeling of a “new beginning”.  Could the feeling of hope (perhaps prompted by the COVID vaccination and the onset of experimental socially distanced concerts) in the UK be prompting this optimistic vibe? Check out the video and see if you don’t feel a little hopeful.

Recorded mixed and mastered at Vibratone Sound Studio Manchester.

The Speed of Sound – Replicant

The Speed of Sound: John Armstrong – Songwriting/Guitars/Vocals, Ann-Marie Crowley – Vocals/Guitars

Kevin Roache – Bass guitar, John Broadhurst – Drums


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Instagram: @thespeedofsounduk   Sleeve art by LocalHotelParking


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