Review: Lady Redneck’s singles ‘I Dented Your Truck’ and ‘Kiss Me’

Lady Redneck

Review: Lady Redneck’s songs “I dented your truck” and “Kiss Me”

Rock At Night occasionally reviews music that is not rock like Americana, jazz, and alt country, for example.  On this Friday of a holiday weekend, we decided to give Lady Redneck a whirl. Lady Redneck aka Stephanie Lee is described as “Betty Boop meets Madonna’s ‘Santa Baby'”.  Hmm…sounds different.

Rock At Night Says: “I Dented Your Truck”– A jaunty, bouncy, tongue-in-cheek song that puts a smile on one’s face.  Lee’s voice has an air of sweet, little girl innocence as she describes to her partner she dented his truck. How could he even yell at her with a voice like that? I can totally picture the scenario in my head.  With a two-step dance beat, this song can be an anthem at most dance halls.

Lee breathes airy, freshness and a bit of country twang to Sixpence None the Richer’s late-90s hit “Kiss Me”.  Again, her voice saturates this rendition with youthful innocence and purity.

Although I rarely listen to country, I can picture myself relaxing and listening to the sweet, soothing voice of Lady Redneck while driving in the car or working at my desk.  I could describe Lady Redneck as the “Josie Cotton of the Country World.” There’s something special about her music that I can’t put my finger on, possibly because it makes me travel back to another time when everything was simple and pure. Click on the links below and give the songs a listen:




Lady Redneck






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