KILLING JOKE drummer Big Paul Ferguson releases first single from his debut solo album

Virtual Control-Paul Ferguson


Review: Big Paul Ferguson’s song “Extrapolate”

As a founding member and co-creative mind behind proto-industrial post-punk icons Killing Joke, Big Paul Ferguson has already earned his place among the most influential and highly regarded musicians of his era. Ferguson’s signature tribal drum style not only set Killing Joke apart from the scores of British bands coming up in the ‘80s, adding both depth and weight to the band’s piercing, discordant sound, but it also became a reference point for rock percussionists that followed in the band’s wake. Now, this rock music veteran steps into the spotlight for his first ever solo album, Virtual Control. Featuring 10 original tracks written with guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite and highlighted with special guest appearances from former Marilyn Manson member Tim Skold as well as Die Krupps mastermind Jürgen Engler, Virtual Control conjures a dense and foreboding aural atmosphere, layering guitars, synths and Ferguson’s own distinctive vocals, that underscores the thoughtfulness of Ferguson’s introspective and observant lyrics.

Virtual Control’s release date is June 25th through Cleopatra Records

Virtual Control’s first single “Extrapolate,” one of the album’s most propulsive tracks that rides an unrelenting guitar/bass hook supported by taut percussion and a hypnotic lead vocal, expertly mixed by award-winning producer Tom Dalgety (Pixies, Rammstein).

Ferguson shares these thoughts on what inspired the song, “My reflections on the dichotomies, social and personal, of these times. How our lives are being affected by isolation coupled with the bombardment of conflicting information. Our trust in what is real and true being challenged on a daily basis.”

Rock At Night says: The song “Extrapolate” hits you immediately with an infectious bass line as one sees Ferguson drumming and wearing a respirator and haz mat suit. The drumming is rapid, complex, and totally captivating. The vocals enter into a sensory amalgam of rhythms as the lyrics describe the oddities of living in a pandemic world. The words “alone”, “irrational”, and “logical” flash on the screen while Ferguson is holding a book entitled “shadow master.” Considering a year of conspiracy theories, paranoia, and fear, the song “Extrapolate” sums up the atmosphere in the world today–but with cool, post-punk sensibilities. Brilliant!

Virtual Control will be available on CD and in limited edition RED vinyl!

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Track List:
1. Lapdogs
2. Shiny Toys
3. The Unraveling
4. Extrapolate
5. Sea Of Judgement
6. Seeping Through The Cracks feat. Tim Skold
7. Data Lama
8. Glass Houses
9. Plausible Deniability
10. Dystopian Vibe feat. Jürgen Engler

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