Alice Phoebe Lou Releases Her Third Studio Album ‘Glow’

Alice Phoebe Lou

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

Album: “Glow

Release Date: March 19, 2021

I have been following Alice Phoebe Lou for several years, ever since I saw some of her first videos that were recorded while she was busking in Mauerpark and other locales in Germany where she still has most of her fan base but that is rapidly changing. She is getting lots of attention here in the US and everywhere internationally!

Alice Phoebe Lou. Photo by Andrea Rojas.

Not long ago, she had emigrated to Amsterdam and then Berlin while still a teenager from her home in South Africa and was destined to make it with her music.  Her latest offering is “Glow” and some of the songs could be compared to jazzy, modern day, crooning torch songs, a bit retro, stripped down with lyrics about love, relationships, and joyful emotions. The music was borne out a love affair and the tunes will certainly outlive the lover. The stand out tracks are “Dusk” with some great work on the horns and “Dirty Mouth” will get you moving and has some beautiful instrumentation. The lyrics are pure poetry as in all of Alice Phoebe Lou’s songs.

Other songs from the album sound almost psychedelic and Beatle-esque. She gives thanks to a number of people on her Facebook and Instagram accounts for assisting with the album such as David Parry of the Loving band on the production, engineering, mixing, mastering and extra guitar work. The songs “Witches” and “Touch” were recorded in analogue which seems to be trending and is more of an artistic preference right now. Artists want to produce their songs with the older equipment to do away with the slick production and create more genuine and honest sounds. My favorite tracks from this recording were: “Glow,” “Dusk“, “Heavy//Light as Air,” “Dirty Mouth” and “Lover//Over the Moon.”

The album “Glow” is available now on all streaming platforms or you can purchase directly on Alice Phoebe Lou’s website in all formats including vinyl. This is a feel good album, you will love it!





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