Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band Releasing New Album ‘Prince of Poverty’

Kristian Montgomery and the Winterkill Band. Photo by Tina Marie Enos Wedge.

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

February 8, 2021

Release: “Prince of Poverty

Release Date: March 5, 2021

I am really digging on the music by this artist. This album is his second and Rock at Night reviewed his first one, “The Gravel Church” last Fall (HERE). He already has another recording planned for the latter part of 2021.

Kristian Montgomery is Danish-Irish and living in New England by way of Florida. Crafting an amazing song seems to come easy for him! He has the sensitivity to appeal to the heart with love songs about deep emotional and intimate subject matter, so deep these thoughts are rarely sung about. Throw in an excellent backing band, some nostalgia, spirituality, political diatribes and fun party music that blends the genres of country, country-rock, country pop, rock and blues.

All of this equals a lovable troubadour that you feel you know like a good friend. He performs songs that are easy to understand and that are based on his very raw and real experiences. Be sure to pre-order “Prince of Poverty” right HERE.

Track List:

They’ll Remember My Name–a slower tempo rock song with a salute to the grunge and garage styles of rock, very Neil Young-like.

Tired of Being Tired–soft and slower tempo, acoustic but not entirely unplugged with a folksy sound and nice harmonizing on the vocals.

Working Hands–a fast-tempo country-rock shuffle that can easily be the party song on this album. If I played it in the car, I might get a speeding ticket.

Kristian Montgomery “Prince of Poverty”

Warm Grave–a country ballad with acoustic guitar and some lap steel in the background, nostalgic lyrics about good times.

Don’t Call Me Baby–a doo-wop country rock and blues song, fast and rhythmic. Love gone wrong with substance abuse.

Soul for Soul–a soft acoustic ballad about love.

That Kind of Love–a country song about seeking love in all the right places.

I’ll Find My Way Home–a song about the dark night of the soul and forgiveness. Nice guitar work here.

American Fire–country music with a political edge. Fast with a log of sing along hooks.

Just Driving Around–a fun country shuffle perfect for dancing. Lyrics of memories in a love relationship.






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