‘TREASVRE’ Releases Two New Songs with Wistful Harmonies and Contemplative Lyrics

Treasvre. Photo by Jeff Straw.

Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

January 25, 2021

New Releases: “Heavy Arms” and “Secrets

Release Date: January 15, 2021

Heavy Arms / Secrets

Alternating between wistful and dramatic, these two songs pack a punch in the musical artistry category. Very nicely performed and also produced and recorded with flare and expertise. The songs are the last part of a four part, multi release recording project by the band.

TREASVRE is a band of five San Francisco Bay Area natives. The blend the genres of post rock, shoegaze, and gothic while using synths, guitars and electronic beats. The ethereal vocalists are Samantha Peña, also on bass and Sabrina Simonton on synths. With the lyrics in their music and using the themes of nostalgia, melancholy, and hopefulness, they tell their stories in a very profound way.

The rest of the musicians include: Evan Dulaney on drums and synths, Jasan Zaru on guitar and Julian Balestrieri on guitar. After sussing out the band’s social networks, we learned that the band is back in the studio again, recording some new music. Can’t wait to hear what they are cooking up and Rock at Night is waiting for more!

You can find the band’s music on all the streaming platforms. Be sure to check out the merch on their site and their Bandcamp page. To hear “Heavy Arms” and “Secrets” on Soundcloud– CLICK HERE.






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