The Click Beetles kick off the new year with two singles–read our review!

The Click Beetles

Single Review: The Click Beetles’ singles “Hey Renee” and “All Day Sucker” (Big Stir Records)–released January 1, 2021

Rock At Night says: “Hey, Renee” channels a 60s mod vibe, with its jangly guitars and catchy sing-along vocals embellished with delicious guitar solos and keyboard riffs.

“All Day Sucker” begins with a dreamy, guitar riff and psychedelic double-track vocals that take on a Brit rock sound with the chorus “all suckers…every day-ah-ey”.  The Click Beetles truly capture the 60s retro sound with these two gems.

You can listen to these gems at BANDCAMP

The Click Beetles

The Click Beetles were formed in 2014 by DAN PAVELICH of The BRADBURYS.



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