Ohio punk band Unrivaled release single ‘Quarter Life Crisis’


Cincinnati rock/punk band Unrivaled is set to release their debut album ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ on January 29th, 2021, available for pre-order now. The band, who draws influence from bands like Rise Against and My Chemical Romance.

Hailing from Cincinnati, Unrivaled is a three-piece band that blurs the lines between punk and metal to create a sound that lives up to their name. Their formation began when guitarist Jimmy Alexander met up with drummer Austin Pflum in an attempt to create a spark in southwest Ohio. Along with the addition of Paul Lipps on bass, the band was born into existence at the beginning of 2019. Drawing influence from bands such as Rise Against and My Chemical Romance, they are looking to reinvent rock in their own image.

ROCK AT NIGHT SAYS: High energy, melodic punk with cool lead guitar solos and lyrics meaningful to those who survived 2020.

The band also just released their new single “I’ve Relapsed” on December 18th, 2020.





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