Shadow and the Thrill “Roll” into your imagination 

Shadow and the Thrill

By Vlad T, Rock At Night Detroit

Review: Shadow & the Thrill’s single “Ready to Roll”

Shadow & Thrill-Tony Montana and Brentt Arcement

On its latest single, “Ready To Roll,” Shadow and the Thrill confidently prowl the nighttime streets of the imagination, like that shiny classic muscle car that doesn’t have to light ‘em up to grab your attention.

The band, comprising the duo of vocalist/guitarist Tony Montana (Great White) and drummer Brentt Arcement, takes your ears through a slow burn of purring vocals, tasty guitar licks, and even a talk box. It’s a sultry, bluesy concoction delivered confidently over cool, insistent rhythms—a spicy drink served over the rocks. If you close your eyes, you can hear echoes of “Oye”-era Santana. 

Best savored late at night, when your mind yearns for another place. Shadow and the Thrill are a ride that takes you there.


“Sugarbowl” Tracklist:

1. Lovesong
2. Misery
3. The Grind
4. Sugarbowl
5. Ready To Roll
6. Just Enough
7. Crazy
8. Mississippi
9. Unaware
10. Sugarbowl (acoustic) LP ONLY

*The album released in August 2020




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