Traveling Niki Darling’s Dance Music Will Take You There!

Niki Darling

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

If you like your music with lots of cool beats and super easy to groove and dance to, Niki Darling is the artist you must check out! Chances are that if you hail from New York City or travel extensively, you have heard her music in the clubs already! Her music has been featured on dance tracks everywhere and on Billboard, iTunes and Beatport and she has been part of the scene at some of the largest festivals around; Ultra in Miami, Creamfields in the UK and Eden in Ibiza to name just a few.

Niki attended the Professional Performing Arts School in New York City and then became a front woman for the popular hip-hop band, Pants Velour. The band performed all over the city, selling out most venues and gained quite a following. The band later signed with Tommy Boy Records, recorded and did several well known commercials. (Pants Velour video “But It’s Us Tho.”)

Niki got a special gig to Morocco in 2016 and has been traveling around the globe doing music ever since. Just recently she got temporarily trapped in the UK after the Corona Virus hit and stayed at an AirBnB, did mini shows on Instagram for her fans and was even interviewed by the BBC (CLICK HERE for that clip).

Her latest video “Take You There” shows clips of her travels from all around the world and she beckons the listener to follow her. She says, “Fusing pop, dance and soul “Take You There” was written for anyone who feels lost, or is in need of love. It provides the musical medicine we all so desperately need right now.”

Three remixes of this song have been released and produced by the following: Black Silence and the Melody Men (both from the UK) and Johnny Bass (Brazil). She is currently working on releasing her EP sometime in the Spring of 2021. Rock at Night will be eagerly awaiting this date and will let you know when that recording drops.





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