Single Review: Van Go Go delivers the goods—no “Mistake”

Van Go Go

By Vlad T, Rock At Night Detroit

Review: Van Go Go’s single Big Mistake-Release Date October 23, 2020

Van Go Go in Pearl Sound Studios, Detroit

Guitar-rock outfit Van Go Go—originally from Detroit—wields tools of sonic force and rhythms to craft memorable songs and stories of honesty. After all, honesty is deeply ingrained in the ethos and work ethic of Detroit—and especially its rock ‘n roll.

During an extended hiatus, erstwhile band members found other spaces for their creativity and drive. Guitarist Jason found a calling in the building trade in, ironically, Rock At Night’s backyard, resurrecting the charm of classic residential spaces long obscured by cheap facades and plastic shutters.

Even with the band on pause, its members knew deep down there were unfinished dreams and songs unsung, deserving to be heard. It was during the COVID quarantine that a fateful conversation between brothers-in-sound Nate and Jason led the entire band to remember the charms and power of their material. A call from bassist Pax to original producer Chuck Alkazian confirmed the original source recordings were still intact, ready for a final polish.

It was a clarion call to finish what they started. In the midst of one quarantine, the group broke out of another.

The group’s first work to emerge is the single “Big Mistake,” a throbbing, guitar-driven affair paired with vocals probing the aftermath of infidelity from the perspective of the “other person.” It reflects a musical team able to thoughtfully balance an enticing, spirited arrangement with themes of regret and eventual catharsis.

That the track is finally emerging now and making a mark highlights the band’s dedication to finishing what it started and doing so with flair.

Van Go Go are Nathan Mackinder (vocals), Jason Schaller (guitar), Paxton Olney (bass) and Jonah Brockman (drums).




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