Pretty Awkward Captures the Current Feels and Release Their First Single ‘Bored’

Pretty Awkward

By Anita Stewart, Managing Editor

This Seattle alternative band that formed in 2019 wanted to tell their listeners how they really felt during Covid and the lock downs. They decided to express themselves through this song and the clever video, as a catharsis of sorts. With nice hooks, this melody will soon have the listener singing along. This track  is also getting a big boost after being named as a “What’s Next” featured song on the “NOW That’s What I Call Music Vol. 76” compilation. You can find this song on streaming services everywhere!

The band is: Austin Held on lead vocals, Nicholas Wiggins on bass, keys and backing vocals, Jake Jones on guitar and backing vocals and Damien Ward on drums and backing vocals.

Nicholas says: “This is surprisingly the first song we ever wrote completely as a band together all in one room. We wrote this track in the studio while in LA working with a couple producers known as HEAVY. It was very interesting and exciting having this all come to life before our eyes. It’s truly a beautiful thing when friends come together and create something completely out of nothing”.

Austin adds, “When I started writing the lyrics, I was honestly in a little bit of a block. I reminded myself that I should start with a statement about myself and maybe I can build off of that to make something cool. The first line in the song was the first line I wrote, “I laugh the hardest when I fall.” From there it flowed really well. I keep all my lyric ideas in my notes on my phone, and when it came time for the chorus, I felt like I could already see the attitude of this character and scrolled across a line I wrote the year before which was, “I get bored when my ADD kicks in”. I tend to have a scattered brain sometimes and rather than getting frustrated with it, I tend to get bored of it and thought that idea would be a fun and light hearted way to go about addressing my own mental health. I feel like now more than ever, folks can really relate to being bored”.

Bored” is the follow up song to the band’s critically acclaimed Misfits’, which was released earlier this year. The song gained the band positive press and landed on playlists at the major streaming services. They are planning to release their debut EP during the first part of 2021. Rock at Night wants to hear more from this band and will let you know when we do!





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