Single Review: Zero Theorem’s “Swarm”

By Johnathan C. Uderman, Rock at Night Contributor

Single Review: Zero Theorem’s single “Swarm” – Release date July 17, 2020

In the ever changing world of the music industry, artists like Zero Theorem continue to add to the already legendary sound developed by bands such as Five Finger Death Punch. The band’s latest single “Swarm”,  is a powerhouse of a song that pulls you in from the first note for a ride you’ll never want to get off of. The Los Angeles hard rock hitters continue their winning formula, once again working with one of the brightest production minds of our era, Kane Churko. Churko having produced such infamous artists such as Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, and Ozzy Osborne is more than equipped when it comes to cranking out hits along with the bands.

“Swarm” is the first single off Zero Theorem’s newest album dropping later this year, The Killing II, and with the song sounding as promising as ever I’m on the edge of my seat with excitement. Vocalist Caesar’s voice has an echoing heaviness to it that only adds to the song’s hard and heavy guitar riffs, complimenting each other while never overpowering the other sounds laced throughout the track. From start to finish, “Swarm” demands your attention in a way that highlights all of the member’s strengths, getting your blood pumping and your head banging to each note.

The single was released on July 17th and has a powerful message that mocks and condemns the self-indulgent, while highlighting the struggle of walking the line between authenticity and blissful ignorance.

Lead vocalist Caesar spoke on the recording of The Killing, saying; “One of the major themes throughout the killing recordings is that suffering is inherent to life itself. Try what you will, but it’s going to get you one way or another.” With over 7 million audio streams of their already well established music and many more to come, I as a music lover, am eager to hear more as their careers continue to flourish with powerful messages and even more, a powerful sound. To take Zero Theorem lightly would be a mistake to any hard rock expert – their style and talent growing more and more with each release as they run out of the gate swinging. If “Swarm” was an appetizer to the upcoming release of The Killing II, then you can be sure that I will jump at the chance to hear more when it is released later this year. 

Zero Theorem is:
Caesar – Vocals
Roy Lev-Ari – Guitar
Max Georgiev – Guitar
Eloy Palacios – Bass
Jake Hayden – Drums
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