Shinedown releases Epic “Live in London” Video

Shinedown-credit Sanjay Parikh

By Mike McKenney, Rock At Night New England

One of rocks most prolific bands, Shinedown, released a gift for their fans on August 7, a free full length video of their blockbuster 2019 “Live in London” concert on YouTube. The concert includes many of the bands biggest hits from their latest studio album, ATTENTION ATTENTION, among them are “Monsters”, “Devil”, and “Attention Attention”.  The crossover hit with over 59 million streams “Get Up”, had the entire audience up on their feet and singing every word. In addition to the new songs, the setlist included some older fan favorites such as “Sound of Madness: and “Second Chance”.

Shinedown is known for their high energy, big production concerts with plenty of pyro and the “Live in London” show is all that times 10!
Shot in 2019 on a huge stage, fully equipped with tons of lasers and flames, much of the video is overlaid with a grain filter that really adds to the viewers experience. Some pretty cool camera shots include a mirror fish eye of the entire audience jumping up and down.

In the video, fans are treated too sometimes funny, and sometimes poignant behind the scenes looks at the band. Included is a great clip of lead vocalist Brent Smith, explaining his pre-show routine and talking about how he still gets nervous just before every show.

Shinedown is without a doubt one of the most fan friendly and gracious rock bands ever and that comes through loud and clear on this video with plenty of footage of the band and their fans. The next best thing to being there, The epic “Live in London” YouTube video featuring Shinedown’s world-class showmanship, backed by their biggest, most eye-popping production yet, and amplified by the undeniable power of front man Brent Smith’s voice is a most generous gift to Shinedown fans worldwide.

Watch Shinedown’s “Live from London”


Shinedown raised more than $300,000 by releasingAtlas Falls,”a never-before-heard song from their vaultavailable with a T-shirt and song bundlewith all proceeds going to humanitarian aid organization Direct Relief



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Mike McKenney