Kings County’s ‘I Ran’: When Bandanas Roamed the Earth for Another Reason

Kings County 'I Ran'

By Vlad, Rock At Night Detroit

Single Review: Kings County’s ‘I Ran’ – Release date August 14, 2020

These Pandemic times have provoked spikes of one form or another.

Kings County “I Ran”

A walk down your street sans mask is liable to expose you to the spiking virus that ate the world. And, if you keep on walking, you’re liable to run into the latest phenomenon spiking–the neighborhood Karen/Darren who has 911 on speed dial. Just keep on walking and ignore them.

Fortunately, there’s been another, less-pernicious spike, this one cultural. As relief from overly earnest and painfully acoustic home recordings by sidelined artists, a wave of quarantined rockers have re-discovered melodies and rhythms from a simpler time that’s evaded the oldies industry–early 80s New Wave. When bandanas roamed the earth! (How we’ve come full circle…)

Many of you have seen these electric and curiously nostalgic covers on social media and U-toob. Taking inspiration from this, Orlando’s Kings County decided to not be left out of the fun.

Kings County

The four-piece outfit, crowd-pleasing rock mainstays of the Central Florida concert and theme park circuit, made an unlikely choice of New Wave chestnut to cover (for a mainstream rock group), A Flock of Seagulls’ ‘I Ran.’

It’s been forgotten that the original was a droning chart smash that even found its way onto the hot rotation of AOR rock stations. But the general public only seems to remember the hair…

Kings County remembers the song for what our ears first heard–a soaring, atmospheric blend of synth pads and pulsing guitar.

Working with Detroit studio stalwart Chuck Alkazian (no stranger to early-80s sounds), the band manages to channel the atmospherics and churning melodic dread of the Seagulls, deftly adding some vocal heft and modern crunch, all without being cloying or taking the piss.

An energetic, highly listenable rehab of an unfairly maligned original.  (Gents, are you game for a version of “The More You Live, The More You Love”?)

Kings County: Rob Dexter (Vocals, Bass), Steve Bell (Guitars, Vocals), Joe Lopez (Drums) and Bill Kania (Guitars, Vocals)


“I Ran” was produced by Grammy Award winning Producer/Engineer Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Soundgarden, Tantric) at legendary Pearl Sound Studios (Asking Alexandria, Eminem, Filter).  Hear Rock At Night’s interview with Chuck Alkazian HERE!

 READ MORE about Kings County, including a short interview, HERE









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