Foxy Shazam are back! New video for ‘Dreamer’

Foxy Shazam - Dreamer

Most of us run towards comfort at full tilt. There are only a select few individuals among us who, through natural inclination or learned behavior, are equipped to thrive in the face of chaos. Foxy Shazam’s enigmatic frontman, Eric Nally, is one of those people. This innate ability to find progress in disorder has largely shaped Foxy Shazam throughout their career. In 2020, the band triumphantly returned from a five year hiatus with the release of two anthemic singles – “Burn” and “Dreamer” – that offer a small window into what the future may hold for the project.

In 2020, Foxy Shazam seems poised to eviscerate traditional genre lines with their latest batch of new music. Both singles pay testament to where the band came from while aggressively pushing their sound forward. As Nally boldly declares, “I will stand for 2020 and say I made moves during this time. It is hard, but we do it anyway. It might not be what you expect but, with Foxy, isn’t that what you expect”?

In the words of Foxy Shazam’s enigmatic frontman, Eric Nally:

“Nature is a quiet truth that lies within everything.
Dreamer is about learning that.”

Foxy Shazam. Photo Credit- Scott Beseler:Paul Coors