Review: Skunk Oil’s single ‘Godlike’: strong essence of Post-Grunge

Lucas Tadini (Keys) and Dennis D’Angelo (Guitars),

By Shuvam DasGupta, Rock At Night Contributor-Philadelphia

Single Review: Skunk Oil’s “Godlike” – Song release-June 22, 2020 and Video premiere-July 9, 2020

Skunk Oil “Godlike”

Skunk Oil, an LA-based alternative-heavy rock band, is releasing the music video of their new single ‘Godlike’ on July 9th, 2020. The band was formed in 2017 by three Brazilian musicians – Dennis D’Angelo (Guitars), Lucas Tadini (Keyboards), and Caio Moskalkoff (former Drummer), while they were attending prestigious Berklee College of Music. Yes, very much similar to the ‘Dream Theatre’ story. The band is heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Muse, and Queens of The Stone Age. 

Skunk Oil

Their new single ‘Godlike’ (with great album art) is out on all the major music streaming platforms. The song talks about an anti-hero who manipulates the listener to believe in his ‘Godlike’ powers. The song starts with the sound of a grand piano and then as the vocal comes in with the use of percussion, it takes the song to a different level. You can tell the influence of Cris Cornell in the vocalist’s tonal quality.

While listening to the song I felt it has the feel of ‘Alice in Chains’ and strong essence of the ‘Post-Grunge’. As a fan of the Grunge music, I have to admit that I liked the song and I will be looking forward to the music video that is releasing on July 9th.  

Listen to the song and other Skunk Oil songs below:


Band: Dennis D’Angelo -Lead and Rhythm Guitars & Background Vocals, Lucas Tadini –Keyboards,Jaska Isola -Lead & Background Vocals,Caio Moskalkoff -Drums


Studio Musicians: Fede Delfino -Bass Percussion -Dennis D’Angelo

Song produced entirely by Skunk Oil Recording

Engineers:Joe Stewart and Dennis D’Angelo

Recording Studios: The Record Company (Boston, MA) and Dimension Sound Studios (Boston, MA)

Mixing Engineer: Alec RodriguezMastering

Engineer: Tom Waltz@ Waltz

MasteringArt/Illustration: Caio Gomes








Shuvam DasGupta