Hands Like Houses release thought-provoking song ‘Space’

Hands Like Houses-Photo by Micala Austin

After premiering via triple j’s Good Nights last night, Australian rock favorites HANDS LIKE HOUSES are officially lifting the lid on their new single and video “Space today.

Rock At Night : The video shows a couple going through a tough time in their relationship. They are reflecting and thinking as the chorus says, “I need space.” It shows a scene that everybody can relate to as the lyrics explain, “I need space because…I am still on your side…even though I need space.” The video and song ends with the girl sitting on the floor of a run-down hotel and then stepping out on the balcony, leaving the room empty.

Vocalist Trenton Woodley explains that “Space” captures a particularly mentally and spatially suffocating time for the band experience while recording. Trenton personally found himself going through the motions, grappling with exhaustion, trying to push ahead ahead and ultimately feeling as though he was coming up short of others’ expectations. Lyrically and sonically, the track captures a literal cry for the breathing space he needed.


Chyrisse Tabone, Ph.D.
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