Fantastic Negrito shares new video for ‘I’m so Happy I Cry’–killer groove, folks!

Fantastic Negrito and Tank in the video "I'm so happy I can cry!"

Double GRAMMY® Award-winner Fantastic Negrito has shared his new single, ‘I’m So Happy I Cry’, the latest track to be taken from his hugely anticipated new album, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND YET?, which is out August 14th via Cooking Vinyl/Blackball Universe.

The track – which features powerhouse vocals from Tarriona ‘Tank’ Ball of New Orleans’ Tank and the Bangas – is joined by an equally colourful companion video, streaming now at the official Fantastic Negrito YouTube channel.

Rock At Night:We’ve been following Fantastic Negrito for a few years, and again, he releases a killer song. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s fantastic. It’s what we would expect from Fantastic Negrito!

With the steady, almost haunting drum beat and gospel back-up singers, I can feel the pain in his voice as he says, “Today…I am so happy that I cry!” It’s the cry of somebody who has been through the wringer and now feels cathartic joy saying, “Today, I feel alive!” The rhythm and cadence feels almost like a chant of a laborer, field hand, or miner.  Halfway through the song, Tank joins in, turning the rhythm into a hiphop beat, giving the song a more light-hearted feel. She brings joyous and exuberant energy, which contrasts with the pained cry of “Today, I feel alive!”  It is a song that leaves an impression and a definite earworm at the same time. Love it!

More fun! Check out the video for “Chocolate Samurai” as featured on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Fantastic Negrito


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