Brooklyn band The Velvicks release single “Lockdown New York City”–and it kicks ass!

The Velvicks. Photo by Guerin Blask

Brooklyn alt-grunge-rock band The Velvicks have released three singles before releasing their five-song  EP Run. You might have heard the hard-driving single “Hit Me Like Sugar”, which takes you on a wild ride or perhaps “Jones” and “Animal Instinct”. The band claims they draw influences from Pink Floyd, Queens of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters,The Black Keys and Radiohead–and it can definitely be heard in their released singles.

Now, the ongoing pandemic has inspired the band to release a song aptly titled “Lockdown NYC.”   Rock At Night is lovin’ this garage-punk inspired song which has attitude and aggression, socking it to COVID-19 with a big EFF YOU.  Check out the song below:


Chyrisse Tabone, Ph.D.
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