The Lickerish Quartet releases EP and teams up with TuneLings App for video “Bluebirds Blues”

The Lickerish Quartet. Photo by Jay Gilbert.
THE LICKERISH QUARTET(featuring former Jellyfish members Roger Joseph Manning Jr., Tim Smith and Eric Dover) released their highly anticipated debut EP, THREESOME VOL. 1, last Friday, May 15 via The Lickerish Quartet/Label Logic, as distributed by Ingrooves.  Rock At Night listened to a couple of songs from THE LICKERISH QUARTET’S New EP THREESOME VOL. 1.  The music has a really sweet, retro feel in an ELO-ish sort of way. Check out the song “Bluebirds Blues” below:

About the song “Bluebirds Blues”

TuneLings is a “crowd-sourcing” eCommerce platform that pays musicians. The software application uses the TuneLing to create an animated, instructional display, synchronized to the music. It shows how the song is to be played – including chords, notes, scales, rhythm, lyrics, song structure, and more, arranged in any number of highly customizable “views,” which do not require any knowledge of reading music. Currently, the app supports all stringed instruments. This is a handy little app for budding guitar players!  You can check out the app HERE.

“Bluebird’s Blues” features Manning’s Mellotron and a 3D feel born from a musical bed he initially came up with back in 1988. “That one was very much a guitar song,” he explains, “and after showing my idea on piano to Tim and Eric, they were able to run with it immediately to give it that folkie guitar feel that it needed, and was calling out for. All of our contributions, including those of our drummer Jeremy Stacey, show the intricacies and clever ways of how we were able to move through that folk chord progression.” Interjects Dover, “It was an instantaneous thing we did, from Note 1. It set the mood, and it’s a beautiful moment. Being able to do that is one of the things we have going on together musically.” As Smith agrees, “I think ‘Bluebird’s Blues’ was one of the first ones where, when we started working on that instrumentation, at least for me, it gave me really excitable hope that everything was going to be just as rewarding.”

Check out two more songs from the EP below:


Videos of Singles from THREESOME VOL. 1



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