EP Review: Brit rock band Molly Karloff’s ‘Supernaturalation’

Molly Karloff. Photo by Matty Keefe

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

EP Review: Molly Karloff’s Supernaturalation – Released on March 6, 2020-Cargo Records

Three-piece British rock band Molly Karloff released their sophomore five-song EP Supernaturalation on March 6th.  I decided to give it a whirl on this Easter Sunday to pull myself out of the pandemic doldrums—and indeed, it was just the ticket!

The EP starts off with “Supernaturlation”,  a very hard-hitting rock song with a catchy riff and soaring sing-along chorus. The song has a classic rock feel with its customary lead guitar solo at the end. A great way to start off the EP!

The fun continues with “She Said”, with its very psychedelic wah-wah intro, classic lead guitar solos, 80s rock harmonies, and interspersed bar-chord riffs (think Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law”).

“Do You Wanna?” has a hard-driving beat and an ascending/descending melodic riff.  “Do It Again” is a rock song but feels very punk at times, and then threw me for a loop at the end with a wah-wah lead guitar solo.

The EP ends with “The Other Side”,  which has a sexy, bluesy-rock groove that made me sad the EP ended.

We really need to see a full album come out from this hard-hitting, riff-driven, band which is carrying on the “new” classic rock tradition.  Please give Molly Karloff a listen!

Molly Karloff: Simon Guilliard(vocals, guitar), Dan Podbery(bass)and Jowie Adkins(drums)




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