Underground explosion with Dutch trash-pop duo FFOOSS


By Lynn, Rock At Night–The Netherlands

Venue:  Vera Downstage, Groningen, The Netherlands


It was a literally an underground explosion, there at Vera Downstage, a small stage in the cellar of the famous Vera Club Groningen. Trash-pop duo FFOOSS played the plaster off the wall of the building, which was originally built in the 15th century as one of the first large houses in Groningen, The Netherlands.

FFOOSS is a young duo which include Sophia de Geus (guitar/vocals ) and Jannes van Kaam (drums/vocals). Their breakthrough started with the single ‘Slayer’ and now in February 2020 they released their EP My Life as a Teenage Wanker, which has been well received by the press. At the moment the duo is busy with a club tour.


FFOOSS has performed some interesting support shows recently and and last year the band performed at the Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS), the European version of SXSW.

The enthusiasm of the duo spilled over to the audience during their evening at Vera Downstage . There was even hardly room to move as they seduced the people to a ‘wall of death’ moshpit.

RAN was there and captured the impressive show of this small band. Check out the photo gallery below:

FFOOSS is Sophia de Geus (guitar, vocals), Jannes van Kaam (drums, vocals)

Photo Gallery