New video by Marcelo Deiss criticizes greed and social disaffection

Marcelo Deiss

Check out the new visuals from Brazilian artist MARCELØ DEISS.  “Horses Running” deals with themes such as greed and social disaffection and soaks up much of MARCELØ’s love for blues artists including B.B King and Eric Clapton, while simultaneously delivering a fresh and modern indie rock sound.

Rock At Night’s take: very cool, kind of 90s grunge acoustic sound (think Everlast or Sublime)

In his latest work, MARCELØ touches on narratives revolving around the constant struggles and injustice we face in our society and how it is affecting us all. “Horses Running” deals with themes such as greed and social disaffection. MARCELØ confides, “I think it’s important to discuss topics about our society and the current problems we face together in the modern world. This to me seems more relevant due to the current situation our society is facing right now.” Knowing that he wanted to write about society and the system we live in, the songwriter was triggered by movements such as Brexit, Trump, Me Too, Black Lives Matter and other topics that deal with oppression. Comparing them to the dystopian worlds in sci-fi books including Brave New World, 1984 and The Year Of The Flood, MARCELØ noticed that these worlds aren’t very far from our own

Chyrisse Tabone, Ph.D.
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