Montreal’s NOBRO–an All Female Band Rocks Out With Their New EP

NOBRO-Photo by Chris McCarthur

By Anita Stewart, Rock At Night Tampa

Review: NOBRO’s EP Sick Hustle-Release date April 17, 2020 via Dine Alone Records

“hard driving, gritty rock and roll with a bit of garage and pop/punk thrown in”


Sick Hustle EP by NOBRO

NOBRO releases their long awaited, four song EP,  Sick Hustle on the Dine Alone Records label on April 17th, 2020. This band has been together for over six years and they have worked hard to acquire their street creds in a primarily male industry–so that old adage of having to play even better than the guys rings true in their case. They have upcoming dates with such notables as Pussy Riot and have collaborated or opened for L.A.’s Fidlar, Toronto’s Pup, Alexisonfire, and the Destillers.

The band members are:

Kathryn McCaughey on Bass and Vocals
Sarah Dion on Drums and Vocals
Lisandre Bourdages on Keys, Vocals and Percussion
Karolane Carbonneau on Guitar and Vocals

When we first started looking for female guitar players, there were a bunch of dudes that were like, ‘Oh, I’ll play guitar in your band or whatever’ and it was like, ‘No, bro,’” McCaughey said. “It was a joke, [and] now it’s our name.” Making their way as an all female act is important to them and they are totally committed to their music. “There’s such a big push for all kinds of people to pick up all kinds of instruments and play. But for us, it’s really important to maintain our all-female status because we like to challenge ourselves.

I love this band! Their music is hard driving, gritty rock and roll with a bit of garage and pop/punk thrown in. The first song  that was released from the Sick Hustle EP was “Marianna.” The other three cuts are titled “LaLa,” “Game is My Middle Name (Betty Davis),” and “Don’t Want to Talk About It.”

Game is My Middle Name (Betty Davis)” is a hard rock song and probably the most commercial, but the other three cuts are more pop/punk. All four of the songs are radio worthy and can be checked out now on the socials. Get ready to hear much more from this band, they are on their way up! See their upcoming tour info and pre-order the EP HERE.



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