Dubioza Kolektiv from Bosnia Rocks with their New Album #fakenews

Photo by: Goran Lizdek

By Anita Stewart, Rock At Night Pittsburgh

Album Review:Dubioza Kolektiv’s album #fakenews-January 28, 2020

There are few international bands that are recognized everywhere, but Dubioza Kolektiv, a rocking, dub and electronic ska band from Bosnia is certainly one of those. They formed in 2003 and cut their first album in 2004. Their latest nine cut studio album titled “#fakenews” (released on the MENART label) just dropped and can be found on musical platforms everywhere. Their music takes listeners on a lively journey of incredible sounds using a blend of ska, rock, dub-step, polka, Balkan (Eastern European), Middle Eastern, techno, electronique and even more! (Previous press release HERE!)

Their live concerts on the socials look like crazy fun and they certainly know how to engage their audiences. The horn section permeates throughout their songs and makes their music quite distinguishable from any other band. Their songs are full of hooks and lyrics that state the global environmental and political happenings that are in the news right now: AI (artificial intelligence), marijuana rights, immigration, borders and the environment for example. Currently the band is touring the UK.

From their Facebook page: “…they take on traditional musical forms and enrich it with their unique perspective, which is delivered with a level of positivity that hits you like a blast of fresh air.

#fakenews–THE SONGS:

Cross the Line (with guest Manu Chao): A political song with lyrics about immigration and the problem with borders. Incredible keyboard work and dance-able rhythms.

Space Song (with guest Earl Sixteen): Reggae/Dance Hall music, this is another song about refugees, immigration and goes from the slower reggae tempo into ska with techno.

Minimal (with guest Soviet Suprem): Techno dance beats and a real groove, this song is a tribute to simple music and tunes, but is far from that with the incredible electronics and horns playing a stellar part!

Hoy Marijuana (with guest Los de Abajo): Lyrics in Spanish about the joys of Marijuana with fun electronique sounds using accordion and horns. Sounds very Middle Eastern and polka.

Take My Job Away (with guest Robbie Megabyte): Incredible song and brilliant video about what will happen when AI (Artificial Intelligence) takes over everything including jobs and even replacing rock stars!

Don’t Stop–Song about the environment and today’s evil culture; almost folky, rocky, polka, ska blend. Very creative lyrics and hooks. A call for anti-civ folks to “burn down the Babylon.”

French Song–Lyrics in French and English and opening with the sounds of ukuleles and accordions throughout. The trials and tribulations of learning and singing in French. Bars from French song “La Vie en Rose” thrown in.

Dumb–Rock, dub-step, reggae and ska with fun, nonsense lyrics. Fast rhythms, fun song with two cool breaks with Balkan sounding horns. These sounds go together, surprisingly! Love this song!

Wild Wild East–a wild and sequenced techno-electronique song, fit for parties and raves, this will get your feet moving–I heard this and was dancing around the house!




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