Album Review: Mush’s debut release ‘3D Routine’


By Anita Stewart, Rock At Night Pittsburgh

Review: Mush’s 3D Routine-Release date February 14, 2020-Memphis Industries

Mush – 3D Routine

The band Mush hails from Leeds in the UK and they are releasing their first album, the 12 cut “3D Routine” on February 14th, 2020 through Memphis Industries. It was produced by Andy Savours who has worked with bands like My Bloody Valentine, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Dream Wife. The title song off of the album “Eat the Etiquette,” and two more, “Gig Economy” and the 10 minutes long, politically mocking “Alternative Facts” were already released on video.

Compared to the Buzzcocks and Devo and with influences from bands like Sonic Youth, Pavement, The Fall and the Pixies, Mush is a band with a style like no other! Their songs have a relentless, punk beat, staccato rhythms and catchy lyrical hooks. Dan Hyndman, on guitars and vocals has an unusual singing voice, monotone with a distinct singing–talking run through of very clever lyrics that are tinged with political statements. His voice is a retro blend of other talking-singers like Lou Reed, Frank Zappa of the Mothers of Invention, David Byrne of the Talking Heads, Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo and others that perfected this style in the 70’s and 80’s.

The band released “Alternative Facts” in 2017 through the legendary Too Pure Singles Club and after that followed up with the “Induction Party” EP (also released on Memphis Industries). From their publicist: “”Eat The Etiquette” continues where the EP left off and is a total earworm of a track with a super catchy chorus that’ll get stuck in your head all day.” This is true, I have been listening to that track and “Alternative Facts” on repeat for about four hours now!

Catch the band on tour for the next couple of months–they will be in Europe, the UK and a date in NYC on March 15th. (Tour info HERE!)

Songs on 3D Routine

Revising My Fee–Upbeat song with lots of guitar work. Vocals are almost monotone–similar sound to early Talking Heads and Devo. Catchy hooks.

Eat The Etiquette–Percussion plays center role in this post punk song, chorus that will have you singing along!

Existential Dread–Melodic and retro guitar opener, layered and very Beatle-esque guitar harmonies throughout the song!

Coronation Chicken–Fun and nonsensical lyrics, new wave, cool riffs and dance-able rhythms.

Island Mentality–Slower tempo opening and delves right into some high powered punk beats. Vocals and backup vocals are great! Lots of layered sound here.

Fruits Of The Happening–This song is more like a slower classic rock ballad. Beautiful to listen to and melodic, a few bars of heavier rock on the bridges.

Hey Gammon Head–A retro rock song but almost crafted like a folk song and could certainly be played that way. Slower tempo and again, more like classic rock.

3D Routine–This one if very groovy and reminded me of some of the trippy old British Blues from the 60’s. Cool riffs and beats and a fantastic horn solo.

Gig Economy–A punk pop song, fast tempo and upbeat. Ready for dancing? Then this is your song! Strong bass-line here!

Poverty Pornography–Retro rockabilly sounds for this song. Borders on punk pop and rock sounds. Bass and drums are great here.

No Signal In The PaddockClassic rock opener with some special effects sounds, this song has some driving rhythms–dance-able!

Alternative Factsthis song is almost 10 minutes long and is a facetious tribute to propaganda. Slower tempo, very new wave with an infectious beat.





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