Uber-talented Wayne Brady Regales at Encore!

Wayne Brady

By Mike McKenney, Rock At Night New England

Venue: Encore Boston Harbor-Everett, Massachusetts-January 19, 2020-Wayne Brady with Special Guests Jonathan Mangum and Cat Grey

Jonathan Mangum and Wayne Brady

The rumbling of the crowd that was lining up outside the ballroom of the gorgeous Encore Boston Harbor was growing louder as the anticipation of seeing one of today’s most well rounded entertainers was hard to contain. Brilliantly funny, gifted singer, dancer, actor and Broadway star, Wayne Brady showcased all of his talents at for over 90 minutes on Sunday evening at Encore Boston Harbor. The host of televisions, “Let’s Make A Deal,” Brady was joined onstage by his Let’s Make A Deal posse, comic collaborator Jonathan Mangum (Announcer) and on keyboards by the highly accomplished musician, Cat Grey, (Musical Director).

Wayne Brady

Throughout the show the trio worked together seamlessly and had the crowd reeling with laughter, as they incorporated audience members into the brand of lightning speed improv comedy that Brady is known for from the hit television show “Who’s Line Is it Anyway”. The interplay between Brady and Mangum is hilarious, their pace so quick and spontaneous that they challenge the audience to keep up.

The winner of this seasons Masked Singer, Wayne Brady blends his outstanding vocals and on the fly humor as he recreated songs using mashup lyrics, supplied from audience suggestions, from such diverse artists as Creed, NSYNC, and The Rolling Stones. While the Encore Boston Harbor show was mainly improv comedy with Brady sprinkling in a little singing and dancing, during a question and answer period he teased he would be out on a musical tour in 2020.

For a taste of what’s to come, his album A Long Time Coming is a great listen.


Mike McKenney