The Jason Evans Band bring their Outlaw Country vibe to Jacksonville

The Jason Evans Band

By Anna Marie Bolet, Rock At Night Jacksonville

Venue: Iggy’s, Fruit Cove, Jacksonville, Florida-January 18, 2020

The Jason Evans Band

Iggy’s in Fruit Cove was hopping on this cool, crisp Saturday night as The Jason Evans Band played for their fans intent on dancing through the night. It was hard enough finding parking much less a spot on the dance floor near the band! Iggy’s was so crowded there was spill over on the sidewalk.

When you’re looking for a unique Outlaw Country or Southern Rock sound, look no further. This band draws a loyal fan base. This is Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Hometown and we have discerning taste in this genre. Whether they’re belting out favorites such as “Red Neck Girl” or playing their original tunes “We’ve Got it All”, this group of guys will do so with heart and soul. It’s hard not to get swept off your feet by their energy and don’t expect to be a fly on the wall while they’re playing… you’ll be on the dance floor and you’ll be dancing for a while!

The Jason Evans Band has a busy schedule these next few months so be sure to press on the link below to see where they’ll be next. Make it a date night and wear your dancing boots!

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The Jason Evans Band members are:

Jason Evans – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Charlie Bradley – Vocals/Guitar

Ron Shipman – Vocals/Lead Guitar

Bill Williamson – Bass Guitar

Kevin Briscoe – Drums