The Black Lips bring a mix of twangy garage rock to Tampa

Black Lips

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Venue: Crowbar, Ybor City, Tampa-BLACK LIPS with Plastic Pinks and Golden Pelican

Patron at the Crowbar

On Saturday night in Ybor City, Tampa, the area was crawling with pirates and wenches as Gasparilla Festival festivities carried over into the evening.  On a chilly night, the city was already rocking as Back Lips rolled into town for a night of garage rock and punk music.

Golden Pelicans

When Rock At Night arrived, Golden Pelicans were on the stage performing some very energetic and well-delivered punk rock music.  Golden Pelicans, which formed in Orlando almost a decade ago, was really a pleasure to watch and listen to as lead singer Erik Grincewicz belted out songs like “Tamiami” from its  Grinding For Gruel album. I really liked the band’s sound which favored traditional punk rock and I hope to catch the band again in the future.

Plastic Pinks

Next up was Miami punk band Plastic Pinks, which really put on a tight set, full of chorus harmonies, and plenty of attitude.   This garage rock band really kicked some royal ass, delivering the goods in full punk pleasure, playing cuts from their new album Walk From It All.

Black Lips

Crowded on the small stage, Black Lips emerged to a full house, welcoming the band with lots of claps and cheers. The band played songs from their newly released album Sing In A World That’s Falling Apart, which has a definite alt-country rock sound. Known for their garage rock songs, the Black Lips played twangy rock with songs like “Gentleman” and “Rumbler.” The crowd was very responsive, dancing, and wavy their arms—but there were no crowd surfers or the usual unpredictable antics the Black Lips and crowd are known for.  The band has matured, but not in a derogatory way, and are allowed to explore various genres or Atlanta roots. There were plenty of smooth harmonies, sax embellishments, and southern-fried rock as this eclectic band moved song by song, entertaining the crowd with their new brand of psychobilly Americana.

Cole Alexander of Black Lips

The crowd was treated to a jam-packed evening of punk, garage rock, and the charm of the Black Lips. Rock At Night recommends putting this show on the calendar when the tour makes it way back to home-sweet-home Atlanta at the end of March.


Members of Black Lips:

  • Cole Alexander, Jared Swilley, Oakley Munson, Zumi Rosow, Jeff Clarke



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