Album Review: The Inspector Cluzo’s ‘Brothers In Ideals’

The Inspector Cluzo

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night

Album Review: The Inspector Cluzo’s Brothers In Ideals-Release date January 17, 2020

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Brothers In Ideals

The Inspector Cluzo, the rock farmer duo Laurent Lacrouts (vocals/guitar) and Matthieu Jourdain (vocals/drums) hailing from Gasgony, France, having toured last year with the likes of Clutch and The Picturebooks, have released their sixth album.  The duo, which formed in 2008, has released Brothers In Ideals, an acoustic version of We, The People of The Soil.  And, I have to say it is really good! The music is a lyrically, deep political commentary and philosophical account of life on the farm, from a band that killed it last year with their psych and hard rock sets at Lollapalooza Chile and Brazil. Honestly, when I started listening to the acoustic, bluesy guitar ballads with melodies enriched by violins, keys, and whistling, I was totally entranced.

The album was masterfully recorded and produced in Nashville by Vance Powell, whose repertoire includes works by Jack White (with The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, or solo).  One can hear the supreme balance of vocals and the nuances of the acoustic guitar in every track. Sterling!

“We the People” is bluesy with acoustic guitar riffs, piano, and a funky high-hat groove.  “A Man Outstanding in His Field” and “The Sand Preacher” begin with spoken word (think Lou Reed), but pick up into an acoustic, bluesy rhythm. “Brothers in Ideals” consists of a simple acoustic guitar melody and autobiographical lyrics saying, We were on the same road, we never knew where it would go…look at us now, here on the farm.  Again, “Ideologies” has the same philosophical tone and haunting guitar riff, as Lacrouts comments on life..I don’t like what’s going on…

“Little Girl” is a sweet acoustic duet with a female singer (sorry, I do not know her name) and “No Deal At the Crossroads” is nicely embellished with a violin and whistle, reminiscent of an Ennio Morricone Spaghetti Western score.  “The Globalisation Blues” is a traditional 12-bar blues with a clear political message.

Overall, the songs are stripped down to basic vocals, acoustic guitars, and enough embellishments to create an artful collection of well-crafted melodies with deep lyrics, which paint a picture of the simplicity of the French countryside, without being “country” or “folksy.”  The album touched my emotional core in a world of overdone vapid music.


  1. A Man Outstanding in His Field
  2. The Sand Preacher
  3. Cultural Misunderstanding
  4. Ideologies
  5. Little Girl
  6. We The People Of The Soil
  7. No Deal at the Crossroads
  8. The Best
  9. Pressure on Mada Lands
  10. The Globalisation Blues
  11. Brothers In Ideals



To catch The Inspector Cluzo live in the UK, check out the dates below. The UK tour follows a French  headline tour in early 2020.

February 2020
Wednesday 19th                GLASGOW King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut
Thursday 20th                       BRISTOL The Exchange
Friday 21st                              BIRMINGHAM Actress & Bishop
Saturday 22nd                      MANCHESTER Soup Kitchen
Tuesday 25th                         LONDON Camden Assembly

Tickets are onsale now at




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