70’s cult band Gypsy Kiss release single ‘Influence’

Gypsy Kiss
Gypsy Kiss

One of the most Iconic rock bands of the 70’s and a band that is held in great reverence in the hearts of the Iron Maiden family. Formed in 1974 by David Smith & Steve Harris the legendary Iron Maiden bass player. Gypsy’s Kiss was part of the catalyst that later became the world famous, mighty IRON MAIDEN. With tracks such as “Heat Crazed Vole” etched into the memories of the Maiden devotees, the band was reformed for a special one-off performance which led to the complete reforming of the band to deliver the old classics plus brand new material. Having recently played to a sell-out crowd at the world famous Cart & Horses in the east end of London, the birthplace of Iron Maiden the band are currently working hard on recording a brand new album to launch in March next year.

On August 27th, Gypsy Kiss released “Influence”.

Gypsy Kiss

Gypsy’s Kiss are :- David Smith (Vocals), Fraser Marr (Guitars), Jonathan Morley (Guitars), Stuart Emms (Drums), Ross Hunter (Keyboards) and finally Robin Gatcum (Bass).

 Check out the video for “Influence”!!


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