Whirlwind on stage with SONS


By Rick Slagter, Rock At Night Groningen, The Netherlands

VENUE: Here Comes the Summer Festival-Vlieland, The Netherlands–SONS


Belgium is a small European country, with the capital Brussels, the home base of the European Parliament of the European Union. But it has also a very fertile cultural area, which is resulting in a music scene with many good alt and indie bands. One of them is SONS, a rather new high energy post-punk and garage rock band.

SONS  began as four friends jamming together. Within less than a year, they were awarded the prestigious “De Nieuwe lichting 2018”, a radio contest sponsored by Studio Brussels. Soon after, SONS began picking up traction and notoriety in Europe.


In April 2019, SONS released their full length album Family Dinner. Not only is their music full of energy, but SONS performs a real whirlwind, energetic live set. RAN caught them performing at the Here Comes The Summer festival, at Vlieland, The Netherlands.

SONS are: Robin Borghgraef (guitar, vocals), Jens de Ruyte (bass, vocals), Arno de Ruyte (guitar), Thomas Pultyn (drums).







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