Local greatness The Adam Ezra Group and The Silks perform at The Met

The Adam Ezra Group

By Mike McKenney, Rock At Night New England

Venue: The Met, Pawtucket, Rhode Island-April 19, 2019

The Adam Ezra Group

Two local bands, The Adam Ezra Group (Boston), and The Silks (Providence) blew away the jammed packed Met on Friday night. The Adam Ezra Band opened with a too quick six song set that was just long enough to highlight AEG’s talented musicians and Ezra’s incredible vocals.

Led by the personable Adam Ezra (vocals, guitar), and backed by band members Poche Ponce (bass), Alex Martin (drums), and  Corinna Smith (fiddle),

AEG kicked off the night with “Life Of a Thief “ an impressive cut from their “Hurricane Wind” album , followed by “ I’m Gone“, and “ The Toast”.

The most memorable song of the night, “When the Devil Came Up to Boston”, is a raucous version of Charlie  Daniel’s “When the Devil Went Down to Georgia”.  A fun song chock full of local flavor and accent, “When the Devil Came Up to Boston”,  served to showcase Corinna Smith’s amazing fiddle work and Ezra’s extraordinary songwriting personality.

The Adam Ezra Group

“Let Your Hair Down” and “Steal Your Daughter”,  closed this short tease of a set that was just long enough to whet the appetite of their loyal fans, and to seduce first time listeners.
The crowd shouted for more but as Adam told them “It’s the life of an opener”, but they promised to return as the headliner soon.

Following The Adam Ezra Group onstage would test any bands mettle but The Silks proved up to the task as always. Boston Music Awards 2016 & 2017 “Blues Artist of the Year” winners, Tyler-James Kelly (vocals, guitar), Jonas Parmelee (bass), “Uncle” Sam Jodrey (drums), and Johnny Trama (guitar) interwove fan favorites with new songs all night.

“Live and Learn”, “All In The Family”, and “Home Again” take advantage Kelly’s great vocals and his stellar guitar playing. In addition to Kelly, guitarist Johnny Trama adds a depth and complexity evidenced on newer songs “Gone Too Soon”, “Up To No Good”, and “Daddy Was A Greaser”.

“Uncle” Sam Jodrey is always on point, never dragging behind, while Parmelee’s bass keeps everyone from straying too far. These bands are no local yokels, they are two hardworking heavyweights that have accomplished much and gained huge loyal followings, while also remaining humble and generous.  The winners of multiple “New England Music Awards”, The Adam Ezra Group do upwards of 200 shows a year. Their music has been featured on numerous television shows, and they have shared the stage with many of today’s music icons.

The Silks

The Silks also have a hectic schedule and continue to impress everywhere they play. In addition to supporting bands such as Marshall Tucker and Kenny Wayne Shepard. Tyler mentioned  they are also in the studio recording new music.

The level of local live music talent in New England is on the rise and The Adam Ezra Group and The Silks are leading the way, be sure to catch them while you still can!



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Mike McKenney