Dutch band Seewolf: psychedelic road trip to the moon


By Rick Slagter, Rock At Night Groningen, The Netherlands

Venue: Tryater, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands-April 5, 2019


The band Seewolf is based in a remote part of Friesland, near the coast in the northern region of The Netherlands. The landscape is wide open and flat. The beacon of the lighthouse glides over the land, the wind always blows, and time is no item. It is a kind of Texas, without the oil platforms.


Seewolf’s   Moonwater EP was released on April 5, 2019. The band has been kind of obsessed with achieving a warm, deep and round sound, so they have chosen analogue recording in their home studio. A couple of years ago the band bought via Ebay an old Ampex mm-1200 tape machine (1973, 2-inch tape, 24 tracks). During the maintenance and repairs they discovered a name plate of the Wally Heider Recording Studio. It could be that CCR, Van Morisson, Tom Waits, and Grateful Dead recorded on this Ampex. They also build there own glam plates to get a natural reverb. It took a long time to record Moonwater EP. It was a process of learning and experimenting with the old machine, the results are incredible and it perfectly fits to the psychedelic indie rock of the songs.


Though the music is not suitable for mainstream radio stations, Seewolf has a large and still growing fan base. The release show was completely sold out. When the support act started, people were still queuing up trying to get in. The show was impressive, the band succeeded in getting the album sound live on stage, Seewolf took the audience on a psychedelic road trip to the moon. RAN was there to cover the voyage.

Seewolf is: Willem Bijma (guitar, keys), Bram Welbedacht (bass), Joop Visser (drums), Dolf Kuiken (guitar, vocals), Jelte Rijpkema (keys)









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