Granny 4 Barrel is looking for fans to spend money on PledgeMusic

Everyone’s favorite elderly rocker, Granny 4 Barrel, is fresh off the road with CKY and Texas Hippie Coalition, and is now set to go into the studio with producer David Bendeth (Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Bring Me the Horizon, Beartooth, I Prevail) in early January – to lay down tracks for the shock rocker’s first-ever EP.

The as-yet-untitled EP will include a new recording of 1 previously released song, 3 new songs, and a cover of Donna Summer¹s “I Feel Love.” The Pledge campaign will launch on December 26th via
(Granny decided to launch the campaign the day after Xmas so fans who were not sure what to do with the money grandma gave had a good place to use it!).


Granny says, “My new PledgeMusic campaign page has a number of wonderful investments for all the kiddies. First you have the new EP itself, which is guaranteed to bring hours and hours of listing pleasure. We also have invites to our record release party, autographed fiddles, t-shirts, and the new EP on vinyl.”

“I wanted to sell autographed meat cleavers like the one I use in my show, but those damn attorney’s over at PledgeMusic nixed it. They felt some of Granny’s fans might get the wrong idea and use it for something other than cooking. I told them “My fans?!? They’re all little angels.  They would never misuse a meat cleaver the same way that I do!”

Fans will also have an opportunity to have their names included on the album artwork itself, and one super fan will have the opportunity to be the executive producer of the album, and share all the accolades that are bestowed on the album – like Grammy nominations and gold records (if either of those should happen).

Granny also asks fans to show their support for her and the band, by sharing the PledgeMusic link to her campaign page.

Show granny some love.

After all, who loves YOU more than your dear sweet Granny?!








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