EP Review: Collateral’s ‘4 Shots!’

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

EP REVIEW: Collateral’s 4Shots! – Release date November 23, 2018-Roulette Records


Collateral, hailing from Ramsgate, Kent, UK, released their debut EP 4 Shots!, on November 23rd, and launched a short UK tour to promote it, along with the single “Midnight Queen.” Looking at photos of the long-locked quartet, the tribe have channeled the 80s hair-band look—and essentially captured the soul of 80s rock sound—real lyrics, real melodies with harmonies, and chilling lead guitar solos. The EP packs a punch with only four songs, making one highly anticipate a full-fledged album.

Listening to the classic rock-flavored  “Going With the Wind”, one can revel in the smooth melodic voice of lead vocalist Angelo Tristan, who sings in the vein of Bon Jovi, with a slight Brit lilt.  The song, as well as the entire album, appears well-produced and the balance of vocals to music is spot on.

“Angels Crying” and “Just Waiting for You” appear as slow, anthemic ballads with acoustic guitar accompaniment, and vocals that go into a full-blown, sing-along choruses.  Think Mötley Crüe (“Home Sweet Home”), Warrant (“Heaven”), or Cinderella (“Don’t Know What You Go [Till It’s Gone])—total slow-dancing, make-out songs.

The single from the EP “Midnight Queen” has a solid rock beat and a John Waite-ish, hooky, catchy, melody. It is a very solid single, and a good introduction to the band. You can check out the official video for the single below:

Looking at Collateral’s touring schedule, they have a gig planned on April 26th in Gravesend, in support of Bad Touch—but hopefully we won’t have to wait that long to see the band. After listening to the 4 Shots!, I can only imagine how the band sounds live. With the guys being easy on the eyes (the lead singer has a Steven Tyleresque look), the ladies will definitely be lining up at the door. Keep an eye out for Collateral, because I’m sure they will be heading to the Spring’Summer festival circuit with such a strong debut EP.


Angelo Tristan – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Todd Winger – Guitar

Jack Bentley Smith – Bass

Ben Atkinson – Drums

“4 Shots!” E.P. – Tracklisting

1. Going With The Wind (3:48)

2. Midnight Queen (4:22)

3. Angels Crying (4:33)

4. Just Waiting For You (5:44)


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