Album Review: Unwill’s ‘Can’t Kill Me’

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By Chyrisse Tabone,Rock At Night Tampa

Album Review: Unwill’s Can’t Kill Me–Release date on November 26, 2018–Self-Produced

Rochester, New York three-some Unwill are getting ready to release their sophomore album Can’t Kill Me on November 16th.  Rock At Night previewed the 9-song album and it is really a high-energy, album that will appeal to fans of hard rock, punk rock,  80s rock, “Millennial metal”, as well as grunge music. There is a little bit for everyone here and looking at the videos, I imagine their live shows are very animated, as the lead singer Roc Tracy appears to be in balls-to-the-wall rock star mode!

Songs like “Keep It Gold” and “Say What” are hard rock songs with accents of metal growling, cool guitar leads, and even an 80s rock feel.  “Say What” is really an epic 5.3 minute song which changes pace, almost like movements of an opera. It is really dynamic and well-written.

Other songs on the album like “Big Dog”, “I’ll Be Damned” and “Getaway” are very punk influenced, with their fast-paced singing and beat.  “Getaway” is definitely a song for cruising with the pedal to the floor and one of my favs’, “I’ll Be Damned”, has a dark, Industrial groove.

Like I said, Can’t Kill Me has something for everyone.  There’s a definite “Alice In Chains” grunge influence in “Intention” and “Slaves”, which slow, cool, and features a haunting guitar riff. Another standout is “Fault” which is an anthemic, ballad in the vein of Aerosmith—a slow melody which builds into a crescendo.

Listening to Unwill’s album and watching their videos gave me a good feeling that this band has the potential to make it big. They have been around a few years, performed on select dates with the Vans Warped Tour in 2016, which really seasoned the band as far as live performance.  Keep an eye on them!


Unwill is Roc Tracy (vocals), Ethan James (guitar), and Jeffrey Jean (bass).


Can’t Kill Me Track Listing:

  1. Keep It Gold
  2. Big Dog
  3. Getaway
  4. Fault
  5. The Circus
  6. Intention
  7. Slaves
  8. Say What?
  9. I’ll Be Damned


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