Album Review: The Bad Somethings–“The Bad Somethings”

By Chyrisse Tabone, Rock At Night Tampa

Album Review: The Bad Somethings–self-titled album–Release date October 25, 2018

Rock At Night definitely digs the new wave of vintage sound coming out from new bands and listening to The Bad Somethings, is no exception.  Signed onto the new label Squib Kick Records, which specializes in bands with the 70s/80s sound, The Bad Somethings definitely capture the energy and style of classic rock without sounding like an imitation.   Listening to the new album, it shows hints of 70s bands like Led Zep (“Oh,Honey”), The Who (“Along For the Ride”), and AC/DC (“Let It Roll”) but also 80s bands like Def Leppard (“Body Language Psychology).   The Bad Somethings sing about women, motorcycles, and rock & roll with harmonies, infectious guitar riffs, lead guitar breaks, and even a touch of keys which can be described as “pure rock”—no bells and whistles, but just attitude.

Songs like “Let It Roll” show influences of AC/DC, Def Leppard, and Deep Purple—but with a touch of cowbell (I know…we all think of Chris Walken).  There’s definitely high energy “cruising” songs like “My Bike”, “Along For the Ride”, and one that I really liked “High Speed King”, with its rolling drums, cool chord changes, and wailing guitar.

Every album needs a scorned love song and “Body Language Psychology” fits the bill, with its touch of Def Leppard and twinges of Foreigner.   “Oh Honey” has bad-ass riffs and reverb vocals, reminiscent of Led Zeppelin while “End of the Night” has a more of a traditional rock feel, like Grand Funk Railroad.

Possibly my favorite song on the album is “New Generation” which is a very upbeat, feel-good song—much like an anthem, as the lyrics cry, “He’s the voice, he’s the voice, he’s the voice….of the New Generation.”  The song comes off as sort of Who-like or possibly Mott the Hoople-ish, with a wonderful keyboard run in the middle. Really nice and authentic, guys!

Since I lived in the day, I cannot help compare music in the Millennium to classic rock bands or songs of the past.  Really, if anybody truly loves the sound of straight-up rock and the classic rock sound, he/she will really enjoy The Bad Somethings.

Give it a whirl!



The Bad Somethings: Kenny Richie (drums/vocals/keys/percussion) and Leo Davidson (guitars/vocals/bass)




  1. Yeah,Yeah,Yeah
  2. Let It Roll*
  3. Along For The Ride
  4. Oh Honey
  5. Body Language Psychology
  6. My Bike
  7. High Speed King
  8. End Of The Night
  9. New Generation

All songs written and performed by The Bad Somethings

*Let It Roll written by: Keyworth/Jones

Originally recorded by Albatross 1975

Recorded at: Squib Kick Sounds

Produced by: Rob Richardson & David Barker

Engineered by: Rob Richardson

Mastered by: Dave Harris at Studio B (Charlotte, NC)




TWITTER: @bad_somethings





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