Madchild parties with the crowd ‘in the crowd’in The Netherlands


By Rick Slagter, Rock At Night Groningen

Venue: Poppodium Iduna, Drachten, Netherlands–May 12, 2018


Canadian born rapper Madchild is known from the Vancouver based hiphop group Swollen Members. He has also an important solo carrier, which started after a successful rehab he ended in 2011 and the release in 2012 from the album Dope Sick.

Madchild has helped and continues to inspire countless youth through his music and community service. Madchild strives to help youth learn a lesson from his mistakes and have a positive impact on their futures.

In 2017 Madchild released The Darkest Hour and since then he’s almost touring continuously. Last week he finished an European tour with a concert in venue ‘Iduna’ Drachten, The Netherlands, before he continued to Canada.

It was a great and remarkable show: the rapper hardly was on stage. He loves to party with the crowd in the crowd.  Rock At Night p almost risked his life getting Madchild in the picture, enjoy the photos!!

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